well..... So Glens Falls is the bully capital of the area after all

Thank You Doug for your comment. Too bad no one in Albany listens to us up here, or cares to

Jail would be more appropriate

"Many on twitter"!!?
Yeah that's a reliable source. Just like CNN

I better go buy a row boat... the flooding from all these liberal snowflake tears is going to be torrential! Thank you Elise for finally standing up for what is right

Lehigh cement plant may follow all federal guidelines on air pollution and pollutants, and this ragtail may be their answer to cheaper fuel cost, but it still doesn't take away from the air quality surrounding this plant. I work in the Glens Falls area for almost 20 years now, mostly on Low…

Over come the odds by lying and flip flopping on every issue she's ever stated a position on. She represents the Democrat party, not NY

Shut it down again. Do nothing congress shouldn't get paid while its shut down this time.

Sounds like alot of excuses on the highway supervisors part. Maybe it's just a lack of ability for him to prioritize.

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