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The Godzilla of pandering is about right. It's exactly like some Southern Legislator suggesting we study whether the South should secede.

Washington County commented on Stefanik touts bipartisan voting record

Facts, not doing from this quintessential pol who doesn't even live here:
HR 3293 Stefanik voted to gut Affordable Care Act, resulting in loss of healthcare for 64,000 people in North Country.
HR 3293 one of Stefanik's many votes to defund Planned Parenthood.
SJ Res 23 & 24, …

Washington County commented on Column: You don't forget who assaulted you

I am rather amazed at the snarky and false comments posted here, based, obviously in their political beliefs. I remember very well the bully who beat me up in 7th grade, although I couldn't tell you exactly when, other than that it was a winter day, although I remember the precise place. …

Washington County commented on COLUMN: Our home improvement projects continue

Thank you for sharing your journey in this clear-eyed way. It throws a light on the relationships of couples in general, who, are maybe not dealing with Alzheimer's, but have other stressors which test their bonds.

Washington County commented on BLOG: Still waiting to hear from Rep. Stefanik

What a terrific idea, to ask Stefanik the same questions. Looking forward to the answers. Oh wait, I forgot, even though she is incredibly transparent, she tries to obfuscate her voting record, and never appears at open public events, so the answers could take some time.

The Climate Change Solutions Caucus that Stefanik touts is a sham. Darrell Issa (R, Cal.) is a member and he is a rabid anti-environmentalist, as is Rep. Gaetz (R., FL), whose first piece of legislation was a bill to abolish the EPA. Like Stefanik, they are "climate peacocks" who…

Washington County commented on COLUMN: Stefanik complicit in dividing country

Stefanik is a well-schooled professional politician (she's never had another type of job). She tries to create the impression of bipartisanship by voting against her party when it is safe to do so, in a cynical attempt to secure her seat. She claims to be for transparency, but votes to sup…

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