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It is the Landlords responsibility to keep the carpets upgraded. They are also aware that wear and tear are expected and not to be charged for. If someone is dirty and destructive I feel lucky when they leave early. It's a good idea to take pictures before they move in. Some of them break…

I wouldn't worry unless you hear antifa plans to visit Glens Falls. Trump supporters also support law enforcement officers. Do you not remember obama demonizing the police with his beer summit and "stupidly" conversation? obamer started the war on police.

Be careful what you ask for. The apartment should be in the same condition it was when a tenant first rents as when they leave. If a landlord is keeping it in good repair it should be clean when the tenant leave. If you make a law allowing tenants not to clean when they leave all rents wi…

I agree Schermerhorn is bad. That being said, don't give tenants a license to leave filth. We have all seen the messes hoarders make of walls floors and sometime ceilings after their junk has been hauled away, sometimes only to sit in the front yard..

I am surprised the anti-Trump person that spit on a Trump supporter was not arrested. I happened to see the whole thing as I was walking by.

I am not sure what he did was legal. If it was written in the contract it probably is. Any one renting should read the fine print. As far as I am concerned the security deposit is all that a tenant forfeits if they break a lease early for reasons other than death. If there are damage cost…

I watched some of it. One of the anti Trump people spit on a pro Trump supporter that was a veteran. If these people are so afraid of Trump supporters why don't they stay in their own communities. It's looking to me like Glens falls is becoming more and more of a pro Trump city.

JSLG,,,,You really think all kids are able to follow rules. There are not crossing guards at every intersection.

If this is true, Schermerhorn is bad. He gives all Landlords a bad reputation. Not very many are like this guy. Shame on him. This is likely how he escalated himself so quickly.

The Dakes do what is best for the Dake wallet. They have forced their way into a walking school district in Glens Falls and are creating a traffic nightmare for young children on foot.

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