It is time boys and girls to send the Fund and the Waterkeeper packing. Peter Bauer and his buddy are just being jerks now, it is all about their Ego. They are costing the people of Bolton a lot of time and money now. Let's see the WCSWC and the LGA used this dredging method in Hulett's las…

If the Adirondack Council is supporting her be careful. There must be some back door agreement with her. It is their way or the highway.

The post star forget the other side of the story, It should not be a Crony of Peter Bauer and the Waterkeeper either. It should be somebody who has a respect for the lake and the people who live around it.

There is a difference between the Lake George Association (LGA) and The Lake George Park Commission (LGPC) or (LG) The LGA is made up of volunteers and members who wish to keep our number one economic asset clean and clear for everyone to enjoy. All of the people who are bashing what they a…

Summit You are close. The only people who will be able to do anything are the people who donate to the Waterkeeper or the The "FUND" why do you think they are called the FUND. If you have enough money than you can do whatever you want.

Why does this Agency still exist?, Why is Kurt ( Adirondack Council) Stiles Still employed? The State can Save big bucks by getting rid of this agency.

Congratulations Will, Great Job. Now go after the Lake George Park Commission and their connection with the Fund for Lake George and The Waterkeeper.

Raging conservative, Yes he has nice digs, He got 3 variances to build it close to the lake. His mother-in-law is Kay Barton ( Barton Mines) Look at the large contributors to the Fund, It is all intertwined.

Just another way for the Waterboy to get his name in the paper. It is all about Publicity and money, that is why they are called the "FUND"

Wa Wa Wa! :( Billy said something bad about me make him stop. Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house.

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