I hope they learn a lesson from their youth, and not play in the road.

theqbywatcher commented on Roadwork continues in Glens Falls

Are they ever going to do Jerome Ave? ...... it is in terrible shape.

Loan us Cam Johnson. With him and Saks, we are good to go.

Didn't GF Hospital announce last year that it was looking to expand to the exit 17 area, to build the same thing Saratoga wants to build at exit 18.

Will Satan be doing a meet and greet ....?

theqbywatcher commented on Thunder prepare for crowded weekend

Send us a golie - Saks or Cam ....

Additionally, GF has charged the requesting companies to cover the overtime created for their response. Big incentive not to use them.

1 visit to the ER will reveal why 3 stars, and well on the way to 2 stars.

Hilltop - is spot on. Visits to the emergency room for service is an ordeal. Long wait times, often rude or inconsiderate service. Many people are driving to Saratoga, because the service is just better all the way around.

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