State lawmakers did not overhaul the law. Cuomo tucked the law on the back of the budget, Allowing for NO discussion or vote on the matter.

theqbywatcher commented on Council approves protest regulations

I don't care how close thet stand to each other. If they peacefully assembling, the vocal expression is not disorderly conduct. If you do't like the noise, stay home. The one issue that does need addressed, KEEP PEOPLE OUT OF THE CIRCLE !!!!! there is no reason for protest to be held ther…

Alex Loh is a good coach, but needs to emotional and loose it some times. This night was a prime example. McAdam should have never received the game misconduct. Intstead Loh should have gone off on the officials, throw bottles - sticks what ever, and taken penalty for the team. Every now …

Not sure what part of Queensbury you were in? Their roads were in top condition when I drove on them, always are. On top of that, they were also handling numerous tree down calls.

Typical response from Will. Romneys vote is in the same catagory as McCains. Both hate Trump, and chose to grandstand to get him.

Removing all doubt that the Post Star is a liberal paper, working the bigger national publications in distributing the left wing agenda. Maybe if Will and Ken keep it up they will it by-lines in the NY Times, Washington Post or Los Angeles Times.

As it should be..... Now maybe Congress can get to work for the people and start addressing the needs of the country, not their " I got my feelings hurt" revenge tour of the last 3 years.

An article published on Oct 2, 2019, by the New York Times proved Schiff received an early account of the whistleblower’s complaint despite his persistent denial. .... pretty much says it all. Schiff is a liar. Will Doolittle may cringe when he sees or hears you, but the non-liberal voter…

theqbywatcher commented on BLOG: No coronavirus cases here yet

The seasonal flu is far more deadly than this virus. Why is media creating hysteria over this?

I hope the Chief starts enforcing the traffic law around the circle.

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