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The idea that victims are created in Ukraine by not gifting them items funded by tax dollars taken from American citizens is bonkers. Nuts. Is the entire world unconditionally entitled to my wallet?

The loony toon conspiracy theory was the Trump/Russian collusion. Should we just nuke Russia now? Whaddaya say?

Very informative article.

I was promised Global Warming since 1983, and I didn't get it. I was promised the end of snow, but I got record-breaking snow. I was promised sea level rise, but all I got was a 30-year mortgage on a beach house.

The 70's hippie with "The End Is Near"…

Climate finance and worldwide emission market. There it is - the real reason for the political push for addressing Climate Something. This is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated, and now only children can be successfully propagandized. With fear. Disgusting.

The AP peddling a false narrative. According to the Constitution, one person determines foreign policy - the POTUS. Not some career "experts" in the State Department who find comfort in predictable policies, which have been lousy and fraught with corruption.

The Bleeb commented on Boos and bravos

"Many more people have health insurance now than before the Affordable Care Act went into effect and many lives have been improved and even saved because of that."

Bull. The Affordable Care Act delivers treatment and pays doctors and hospitals. But it fails miserably at delivering a…

Dr. Fiona Hill: "Russia today poses a greater foreign policy and security challenge to the United States and its Western allies than at any time since the height of the Cold War. Its annexation of Crimea, war in Ukraine’s Donbas region, and military intervention in Syria have upended West…

Laughs in stone-cold Russian collusion evidence......

"TRUMP: “All these people are talking about — they heard a conversation of a conversation of another conversation that was had by the president.” — Cabinet meeting.

THE FACTS: Trump is wrong that the witnesses testifying Tuesday only had thirdhand information about the call at the c…

"Propaganda uses selected facts in combination with lies and disinformation in a campaign to misdirect, deflect, and distort. "

There it is - projection. The exact description of the Schiff secret basement "inquiry" with a one-sided witness list, a gag on GOP Reps, and selective lea…

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