3rd DWI conviction and he gets probation ?! Ridiculous.

Heart attacks don’t involve 23 drops of blood in front of a bike shop. Sounds like a drug deal gone wrong.

Another reason why I believe you should be required to have mandatory driving tests at 65, 70, and every 2 years after that.

What a surprise people have a problem. You can’t stop businesses from performing business and then wonder why our young people leave and don’t come back and why your taxes are so high and why we don’t have more full season jobs around here. Typical small town small mind.

Love how once again my comment was taken down. What was said below holds true. Small town small minds. Communities like this and where I grew up in Fort Edward are filled with these type of people. They’re angry and jealous that one of the good ole boys doesn’t run the business so they spew…

You got that right. Most school boards are good ole boy networks. Most of them aren’t remotely qualified to make budget and education decisions regarding education, especially when a lot of the ones I know that have been or currently on school boards in the area did terrible in school, never…

What view ? Of the Northway ?

I would love a Bass Pro or Cabela’s. It would be a great corridor to have one but based on the Bass Pro I’ve been to and the Cabela’s I’ve been to in Maine, I don’t think 12 acres is enough land.

Get rid of the emojis. What’s wrong with you people ? Grow up

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