It sounds like she threatened again in this article. She said she needs to expand her business whether in GF or somewhere else. She was too cheap to purchase the property when she had the chance, wasted a bunch of time and money on that failure of a theater, and now that someone else buys…

Good job governor. Make sure you keep all your rich friends donating to you by preventing them from denting their rims on the their Range Rovers while they stay up at the lake for 6 weeks out of the year.

Your exactly right. I grew up in FE. They were talking about merging with HF back in the early 90’s. All you heard was whining from both towns about losing their identity and losing their traditions. Such a narrow minded and selfish concern which frankly is normal for FE. I don’t understa…

These people should have to foot the bill for their rescue. If they’re lucky enough to survive. All that risk for a stupid fish. What is wrong with these people ?

SMH. They could mess up tying their shoes....

If he had such a calm and cool demeanor then why was he driving to the other side of town to fight someone ? Such a stupid and pointless act by all parties involved. Hope this serves as a cautionary tale for people to quit engaging in petty and childish online arguments.

Bail reform was such a great idea SMH.

Oh those poor people SMH. They never should have let them build that many homes on that piece of land anyway and they sure as heck shouldn’t have allowed year round homes. But once again queensbury residents get to pay in for the rich on Lake George. They should bear the ENTIRE cost if th…

What a joke of a sentence. If it were a man he’d get 10 years in prison.

Wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t for Keizer Strough running the town like he’s the only authority. They should have had an in house HR years ago.

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