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Folks who should be encouraged to be vaccinated most likely won't be reading this form of media, but there is a possibility that the word will spread... hopefully as quickly as the virus is! We need the cooperation of everyone on this important emergency, from leadership to John Doe.

Beautiful story!! My wife and I were riding the 'back roads' of Washington County today, and we noted how beautiful the buildings looked!!

Fans take another 'hit!' Both sides have reached the point of not caring enough about the fans. Greed and selfishness aren't qualities to be showing young adults and their parents. I'm done with baseball, unfortunately.

Please listen, Governor, as this is a very good idea!

State citizens will benefit, in more ways than one, many times over!!

Nearly 24,000 Washington County residents aren't vaccinated at all!

Except for those few who can not medically be vaccinated, please strongly consider it.

We have to become a strong unit of citizens in order to help ourselves out of this predicament.

VERY nice article!! Thanks, Mr. Niles, for your efforts!!

How about a mask mandate, tri-county leaders? None of us can afford to be ill with this.

This won't go away unless personal, thoughtful behaviors are consciously applied.

I challenge media throughout our country to make this gentleman's article go viral. It needs to be seen and heard ASAP.

Well-deserved and overdue to two districts that exemplify good education for all!!

Nicely done, Ms. Toth and Mr. Blow!

Ian Fleming sure liked 'home,' didn't he?

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