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Sensational reporting by the P.S Why are they so afraid of a toy gun? Kibling is helping the P.S. sell papers. That's why Ken keeps on blogging. And profanity IS free speech. Research SCOTUS Cohen v. California.

Kibling & the N.C. Deplorables are a small group of approx. 12. They are full of hot air, and not to be taken seriously. The threat with a toy gun, is known to the G.F.P.D. No arrests were made. Ignore them, they are clowns. Don't be so scared. I laughed at them. So should you.

Shame on you Ken for blaming Elise for Mike Kibling's crazy behavior. Kibling is harmless. He's a blowhard. I'm sure local law enforcement have investigated the threats with a toy gun....and determined it is not a crime. He's a clown Ken. Laugh at him.

I think it's noteworthy that none of the "threats" resulted in an arrest. Must be the "threats" are legal free speech. Otherwise the G.F.P.D. and Warren Co. D.A would have intervened. And just for the record....I don't support the North Country Deplorables. They need to stop.

This is the result of the corrupt Albany politicians owned by the public sector labor unions. Pay to play.

This guy is a clown. The APEX group distances itself from this fool. He must not have got much attention as a child.

I prefer Friday night games. This frees up Saturday for much needed yard work before our six month winters.

With tuition close to $60,000. per year, only folks like Schermerhorn could afford to send their children there.

The Democrat Party control both houses of the state legislature & governor's office. As long as these swamp creatures receive substantial amounts of money from the state employee unions, nothing will change. There was due process though, and he was fined 17 months of compensation.

I don't approve of this man's workplace behavior. However, he was afforded due process, and lost a substantial amount of pay, (17 months). He was disciplined for his conduct. He also most likely has a stipulation, (which is common), that if he continues this reprehensible behavior, he wil…

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