Way too lenient

Make it Green Mountain Cannabis College. The campus has acres of usable land for growing Marijuana, plus the science department could do state testing for purity and quality of marijuana grown both on campus and from pot farms. The new school can offer business and marketing studies for tho…

This is a big mistake. Importing people causes problems. Why do people propose these dumb ideas. Are they trying to create chaos and trouble?

Judge Fernando is a well liked, honest man. He is an incredible human and a great judge.

Ace Rocks! Great people. Great Service.

He must be set FREE! No jail time; he is suffering enough. The law must be denied in this case, and the DA should not allow this to go forward.

Tragic story of a lovely looking woman. Hard drugs are vicious and life destroying. Cannot believe she willingly chose this life. She need HELP!

Don't let them burn plastic. Two things come to mind: one is that Warren County enjoyed a nice 4% increase in tourists. The second thought is that Warren County has the highest cancer rate in all of NY State. How long before tourists think it might not be wise to stay in a high cancer risk…

Hard to believe that Pot arrests happen anymore. It has been proven by NY State Department of Health to be medically beneficial. It is good for a myriad of health conditions. Plus, Cuomo wants to legalize it. Is there a nasty contradiction here?

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