Good work by the empire center. Our state is in a position to become a minor player in national issues. We are losing too many people to more advanced economic states. Yes the ones that some still make fun of in discussion. The Carolina’s, Florida & Texas crush is in almost every catego…

No collusion is the result of millions of taxpayers money and constant attention while other matters are pushed aside by Congress.
This was a farce from the start. The US tries to covertly aid our preferred candidates in other nations all the time. And Obama openly funded candidates in…

Something certainly smells fishy with the dewatering facility. I hope Mr. Losaw has a pole.

The red flag law should be used by law enforcement and other professionals. Not as a way to get even or limit the rights of truly stable and law abiding individuals. The law Stefanik voted no on was a mess that was vague . It was truly a ploy of the anti- second amendment crew.

What a racist action this is by our downstate legislators/governor. This is social programming and has been done by evil regimes. Let settlement be a choice by people in a free, democratic republic.

Yup, from Hillary right to Beto, Gilli, Warren, and AOC, the Dems have all the right answers. Talk about morally void!

The facility was place in FEdue to location of dredging. Of course they were going to be played by Collins and not some out of the way place like Hartford (3% really? Do you like your share of our sales tax?)

And once again the assessment was done by a company specializing in industri…

DA Collins (WCC) certainly got the best of FE and the County on this one. Those assessment drops are sickening. In no world could they have been if by that much. Hopefully people have long memories and hold their politicians to the fire on not giving Collins ANY contracts in this area.

So WCC /Collins is paying a “portion” of the taxes they owe? Lowered assessments to $3 million is a joke. For some reason they never put much effort into marketing the parcel. Makes you wonder.

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