Great commentary about life with animals and how much they need us. As well as how entertaining they can be.

I will attempt to get the following comment posted a second time.
I am glad to see politicians being held accountable. Whether you are running for town supervisor or President there are rules and laws that you must follow. When you get caught avoiding them, don’t blame the challengers. …

The mom refused medical help? Dear God take care of that child, his mom does not have his care as her #1 priority.

I am glad to see politicians being held accountable.

Question. Will the PS print only the truth? Or will they print their version of the truth?

More political retribution.

Please someone take responsibility for something. Deflect and blame any and everyone else. Same old same old in QBY.

Exactly Doug they ALL need to be investigated. Where there’s smoke there’s fire and when you find the fire there is something feeding it to let it grow.

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