No. People that actually wanted Hillary to win need to look a little deeper. Unemployment is at an all time low. 401ks are making money. America has the greatest economy in the world. America first policy is working! God Bless President Trump. He will win by a landslide in 2020!

All this non stop harrasement of our President is only going to push people to vote Trump in 2020!

American's voted for President Trump because he ids what was needed! He's far from perfect but his accomplishments are stupendous! Lowest unemployment ever. Manufacturing jobs are coming back! The stock market just broke another record! 401ks are making money! America is finally on the ri…

Sorry for your tough childhood but your policies are a joke. Free College, Free healthcare for all. Nothing os free someone is going to pay for it! And your idea of making the wealthiest pay for it? Good luck with that remember they are wealthy and xan pack up and leave this Country whene…

The racist ones are the four anti semetic anti American congress woman he spoke about! Lets not forget one said lets impeach that MFer in front of her children! I guess that's ok. Another hates Jews an d stated someone did something refering to 9/11! I guess that's ok. We didn't vote for …

Give me a break! First Obama was the one that had children in cages. Don't come here illegally then you won't have this happen to you! We can't save the World. What's next ALL of South America invading our Country? Build the Wall!

The 2020 election could be the start of our Country's next revolution. Especially if the Democrats try and steal the election! President Trump over fills Stadium's Democrats can't even fill a school gymnasium!

And who is to blame for this? Yes the parents! Don't come here illegally and we won't have this problem! There was 130,000 in the May that came across! The cost right now for illegals is one hundred billion dollars a year with tax payers money! Build the WALL!

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