For years the village refused to update their system. Now they want someone else to pay for it. L.G. created the mess, clean it up.

GE continues to kill us. Maybe they need to be OUT OF BUSINESS.

Why was the mistrial declared?

redsox67 commented on Glens Falls acute rehab closing

Hospital management cares little for the people and a lot for the profit. No wonder many people go to other hosipitals if they can.

So glad the Commodore and her minions are keeping their basin nice and clean. Are they doing anything else to help the Lake.

Getting slapped around from 1st grade on was common. I saw wooden pointers used to hit us. I once saw the rung of a chair used to hit a high school kid in the head 5 times. The athletic director really roughed up my highschool friend for something that had happened in my friends neighborhood…

Here in Wa State the procedure to find a space in a rehab or a IOP starts with an evaluation by A Chemical Dependency Professional. Once a level of care is determined the agency looks for placement. The search is done by professionals who know the system. Those with insurance are placed rath…

Only 135 Graduates. Seems very low.

In Washington State he would be a respected businessman.