Gotta build a building to house all the "toys"!

Every supervisor that has (and continues to) support this debacle at the airport should resign! That airport is nothing more than a "playground" for a limited number of individual's who can afford it to "play with their toys" at the taxpayer's expense and it's time to un…

Good for Jimmer! He's a good kid!

Must be Jack's $24,000+ pension isn't enough!

I wonder if Hall used a voucher!

In the early 90's the O'Keefe administration moved the DPW from Cooper St. to it's present location. We were told the Cooper St facility was near collapse and the property wasn't large enough for needed expansion! That building still stands on Cooper St and is now Miller Mechanical and the…

What about a person who gets charged or arrested and it appears in the newspaper and they seldom bother to report the fact that the person was either acquitted or the charges were dropped? Transparency works both ways!.

Only 5 gallons/hr.? That's an improvement. There's about 5 times that much coming out of the storm outfall at the end of South St. every day!

More importantly from the standpoint of The Post Star it gives them another opportunity to trash someone!

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