Seriously? 1-2 times a month? Is it always the same 2 Democrats? I suppose every journey begins with one step but we local Democrats (and Greens) way ahead of you. Many of us break bread with a Republican nearly every day.

I worry about violence as well, but I was there and I wasn’t too worried it would happen at that protest. There is a certain amount of theater to such thing. Joe brought a giant Trump chicken and some unknown -to -me Trump supporter brought a bunch of brand new Trump swag for the other si…

So the average age of this task force is what? Maybe 62? And the guy who put it together is the one spending lots of energy denigrating N.Y. state? I am surprised Ed Bartholomew isn’t on the task force.

12 other states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico all provide licenses to immigrants. Some have been doing this for many years. Constitutionality would not seem to be a problem. Vermont is one of those states. I have heard very little about mayhem being caused in Vermont.

This is an attitude and training failure: “ "If the guy pulled out a pocketknife and approaches him, game over," Giacalone said Sunday”

It should be made clear that the Bow Bridge is not a part of the railroad.

Typical Trump. Manufacture a crisis then step in at the “last minute†and revert policy back essentially to pre- “crisis.â€

It is refreshing to hear from a business owner in this sort of situation. The usual response is to hide from reporters, hide behind a lawyer, not answer a phone call. This seems like a situation where a person of goodwill, trying to do the right thing, made a mistake and is seeking to rec…

Is someone adding up the direct costs of spreading salt on our roads? So far just in this story there is $600,000 cost for a shed, whatever the cost was for the drilled well which cannot be used because of contamination...

Has anyone checked to see if this project may have cost more due to tariffs on materials from our 3 largest trade partners?

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