Something about this smells “not right”, why the rush to press charges then, and why only one count, it almost seems like someone is protecting their turf, knowing the filing of charges and pending criminal case would have this result, just my opinion, why bring the NTSB in the first place, …

paranoiawilldestroya commented on Boat crash defendant charged with DWI

I think it’s safe to say, it IS time this person goes to prison!

Here's the thing, if you dig deep enough, EVERYBODY can be arrested for something, Judges driving drunk, cops driving drunk having accidents, official misconduct, etc, etc, THIS just looks so SO bad to the FAR REACHING extreme!

paranoiawilldestroya commented on New Thurman majority cuts hours, positions

Hey, I was once a drunken sailor, therefore I am offended by her comments and demand she resigns....that's how it works these days, right?

paranoiawilldestroya commented on Queensbury Republicans leaderless and worried

On a positive note, Will Valenza got his picture in the paper, AND his head fit in the frame, DOUBLE WIN

paranoiawilldestroya commented on BLOG: I thought I had seen everything...

Ever the pompous one, you have outdone yourself. My entire road has been littered multiple times with this unwanted trash at the end of every driveway. I pay to have my rubbish removed, and one of my containers is reserved for the pile of pink plastic bags full of unwanted paper, are you goi…

Great job GFPD getting this burglar off the streets, was this the same type of burglary the City of Glens Falls Assessor committed in Florida, which resulted in her prison time, or was it another type of burglary, your website doesn't elaborate any further on that story?

paranoiawilldestroya commented on Cab company owner faces charges after complaint

Good job Glens Falls P.D., for continuing to rise above all the local criticism, and do your fine jobs. For people like GF Citizen "watcher", if you want to slam anyone, slam the politicians who keep these laws on the books, and have the legal ability to change them, not the street…

paranoiawilldestroya commented on C.R. Bard announces plans to cut 50 jobs in 2012

C'mon Ed, what are you worried about, as long as you hava a job, and continue to "milk Glens Falls dry", what's a few more jobs really matter. Stop pretending you care!!

I don't know about anyone else, but this sounds like they were both being sarcastic, as a slam towards the Dictator of Glens Falls.

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