Another good reason to shop in Washington County!

Emperor Cuomo said it's FREE - why would anyone need money...???

When in doubt - stay LOCAL !!! Doing business within the Town or County is always better - keep the $$ local - sounds like a good move.

A typical politician! I'll bet (having grown up in SGF) there are PLENTY of good people who would do the job for free! Community pride would be back!

This can't be right? According to emperor Cuomo's propaganda commercials on TV - NY is busting at the seams with prosperity and jobs!!!????
Tough to swallow when upstate NY can't even support a couple of McD's....

Hilary for PRISON 2016 !!!!!

Idiotic at best - what's wrong with PRIVACY and never mind your "open-door" policy when it comes to predators ... when they start taking advantage will you recant your views or expect police to babysit public restrooms? Tough to have it both ways...

A commercial operation would have maintained the building as it is an asset - I get confused every time I see a municipality suddenly in dire straights over a non-maintained building - who else but a government funded operation can let things go - to a point where it's just tear it down and …

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