Shootouts?! Lol Not really. It was a one time incident and one shot was fired into the air! Not quite a “shootout”!

She thinks it’s hurting tourism!? Most tourist don’t even know it’s there and if she thinks it’s in the center of the village, maybe she should check the boundaries? It’s literally about 100 yards into the village! They don’t bother anyone, just leave those poor folks alone!

It’s a NYS problem, not a Warren co problem! High taxes, industry drain and legislative lunacy is driving people out of the entire state! We are out of here after retirement! Find a state with lower taxes and save thousands a year!

NYS just voted to give illegals free college! They also voted against giving free college to kids of military vets who were killed or badly injured fighting for our country! Only after they were called out for this disgraceful legislation, did they change their vote! Unbelievable!

The only difference is the state doesn’t make money off those sales!

Ok, here’s why not, how do you decide who gets what? What about black people who don’t have a single slave in their ancestry? What about the ones who’s ancestors came to America after. Who pays? What if all my ancestors came after slavery ended! What if one of my ancestors died fighting t…

Well, they are radical! Most of the leading Dem contenders advocate for open boarders, felons voting (even the ones still in prison) they want to give reparations for black Americans! They support the ridiculous New Green Deal, they support lawless sanctuary cities! They are turning left …

We live about a mile down the road from the Clearview, the people there seem to keep to themselves and I’ve never noticed anymore police presence, than any other place in town. Live and let live.

Clowns 1 and 2! I thought that’s what Mueller was doing for the past two years! They just won’t let it go, Mueller very clearly said there was no conspiracy or collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians! Stop with this nonsense and try governing for a change!

Stories like this are why nobody trusts the media anymore!? The headline reads that the child died alone away from her parents, because the Israelis wouldn’t allow the parents into Jerusalem. After reading the story, it was the Palestinians who prevented the parents from even apply…

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