must have been something at the fire scene the bystander did not want seen

that boy has a problem

I would have to see more proof than a mexican newspaper article to believe it.

sad situation

got 2 more

Kudos to the state appeals court.. The Olsen woman should not only serve the full four years but should have gotten a longer sentence.

Give me a break Mr. Barrett, Don't you have better things to do than scout for Hams.

bring back the lockhorns please

I think the olsen woman got off to easy. 4 years is not enough with possibilty of parole. She should at least have to serve the 4 years with no parole. It should be at least 10 years.

I'm glad that Olsen has been found guilty and I hope she gets the maximum ,not just a couple of months. Even that will not be enough..

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