I, for one, am tickled pink that I no longer have to pay estate tax on the hundreds of millions of dollars I pass onto my heirs. Thanks to Donald Trump that myself, and other billionaire families across this great nations we get more money in our trust funds and those pesky middle class tak…

I'm guessing the reason for the continued criticism is the failure on the part of the local GOP to fess up that they did anything wrong. From the use of government emails for sausage making, to skyping town meetings for the benefit of Mr. Irish, hiring a law firm who was vice chair of the l…

Sounds as though this is more than a job for Ms. Kramer, she truly cares for the seniors, their health and well-being. The Queensbury seniors are lucky to have her at the helm.

I think there is only a two year window to file suit, if so, the Town Board should have initiated a lawsuit before now. Taxpayers just keep losing.

Maybe Berkholz and Boucher conduct political strategy in a similar manner, however, I'm quite certain neither use a Town's email address to conduct that business.

Blame everyone else but the two pictured here. Look in the mirror and see the two people who ran the nastiest campaign in the area. The entire tri-county was talking about your campaign and it wasn't to give Team Seeber accolades. Now the same duo expect Betty Little and Dan Stec to cle…

How does this happen? Was the board too busy threatening and insulting one another to notice we're out of money? So disgusted with my town board.
This is Congdon's crowning achievement or parting gift to the citizens of Moreau? Time to clean house.

For a local race, yeah, it is uncommon. Candidates should not be ushered in by campaign managers. No profile in courage for any candidate who can't walk into an interview unattended. This isn't a state or national election though it seems to be running as one.

The taxpayers have been very supportive of all the endeavors the college has undertaken. When you have the County sheriff five minutes from the campus and state police barracks across the Northway, why would SUNY Adk feel the need for another layer of police officers? Taxpayers will now…

Yup, sure sounds like a threat. Keep quiet or we'll expose something embarrassing about your past.

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