local433girl commented on Joyce Lorraine Kenyon Granger

I read the e-edition, but had to log-in to the Post Star website to say what a wonderful obituary and remembrance that was!!! I didn't know Mrs. Granger, nor any of her relatives or friends, but this piece makes me regret that. I'm sure your Mom and Gram is laughing and smiling in the Grac…

I support measures that restrict my liberty like seat belt laws, motorcycle helmet laws, drunk driving laws, and restrictions on tobacco sales and use. I support them because the behavior they restrict has clear public health costs. It costs the public less to support comatose, disabled, …

local433girl commented on John C. Cirelli

Lovely obituary and family legacy. May he rest in peace in the Grace of God.

local433girl commented on Colleen Cook

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I didn't know Mrs. Cook, but I'm sure your sadness at her passing is great. May she rest in peace.

How did our forebears do it? We have a large, rural county that encompasses some remote and rural areas. It's not so much the as-the-crow-flies distances sometimes, it's the paucity of roads to get from one place to another. Our population is up maybe 15% over the last 30 years, but I'm n…

local433girl commented on Hugh A. Sonner Sr.

T'was a beautiful obituary of a life well-lived.

Based on where we are now, I applaud the efforts of people in government and not for profits to help the people in nursing home.

I also wonder when we will finally learn the lesson that allowing the profit motive in education, care of the elderly, the sick, hospice -- and so many other…

If they want to hold a protest or demonstration against Governor Cuomo for his mismanagement of state finances, his anti-business orientation, his lack of care for the North Country, and most of all, for his ABOMINATION OF A LATE TERM ABORTION LAW, sign me up.

Nice editorial! I don't follow basketball or popular culture (at least when I'm able to escape it). But from a distance, I've enjoyed seeing a nice hometown kid enjoy such success, and to do so with decency and dignity. I wish him all the best at Syracuse!

I'm shocked that local people would purchase this property (even for zero dollars) unless there is an incredibly strong indemnification provision relating to the property taxes in which the original owners retained the liability associated with such taxes. Further, there must be an equally …

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