Amen. I gave up a long time ago. She thinks he's a warrior, but she'll learn, hopefully before she's dead or worse.

And do you not have a clue as to how they became this way, and who taught them the same disgusting behaviour?? It doesn't even mention the word "victim" in any of this. Do you actually believe they just pulled this out of some sort of thin air?? I am not asking them to be less cu…

Exactly. What is the point of "publishing" this???

Guess how much fun it is for us who work many many hours at the Library. We are supposed to welcome them with open arms just in case we can educate someone. Sadly, they end up getting banned from the Library for their use of "porn" or their rudeness or loudness.They hump each oth…

Who do you think will "pay"for this education? Why weren't you making a big noise when you knew these families were doing nothing more than breeding other losers???Many of our our staff have lived that experience and somehow became better despite everything against them. We ha…

Amen, it's the Criminal Injustice Sytem in America

I am beginning to wonder why more checks aren't done on applicants prior to assigning benefits. Which way is more cost effective? Spend a bit more time checking, or going after an arrest and conviction after the fact. I admit I am out of the loop on this, so please inform me. Thanks!

Who in their right mind would ever think to conduct such a "poll". What is the point? I agree this is not news, but a sick waste. Dead is dead, regardless of how it happened. I just hope no taxpayer money was wasted on such a ridiculous venture.

And if you spent any time in the Library you would know that our self check out machines are already touch screen.

The kiosks are being paid for from a bequest, and not from taxpayer dollars.

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