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On line retail is the future, no doubt about that. However, the demise of malls may provide a boost to downtown shopping areas, as not everything can or will be bought on line. There may be some hope for our small towns struggling to maintain a "downtown".

What a terrible idea it would be to do away with the Electoral College, which preserves the political relevance of all states, large and small. Without the Electoral College, Hillary Clinton would have been elected President solely by her performance in California and New York, which she wo…

A nice example of New Journalism here; but the trouble is, most readers don't know what that is or why it is dangerous.

Haven't you heard? Drug offenses are "victimless" crimes and too many people are being sent to jail for drug crimes and are having their lives ruined because of it.

It would be very interesting to see a chart that tracked changes in enrollment alongside increases in spending. I have a feeling that in many districts expenses are increasing even as enrollment declines.

I find it amazing that when a middle-aged white man, especially one with unpopular political views, gets killed by the police, many people are quick to justify the shooting and even go out of their way to commend it. When the victim is a person of color, even one with multiple prior convict…

Let's all try to resist the impulse to grind our personal axes. The fact of the matter is, anything that encourages personal development in the young is worthwhile. We need more thoughtful, interesting and well rounded people in society.

It's so much more than not liking their system of government. It's Fidel Castro and his initial refusal to admit he was a communist, his alliance with the Soviet Union and the proxy wars he fought for them, his attempts to export his revolution throughout Latin America and the brutal way he…

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