These Democrat Obstructionist need to get an real life!

Democrats get over loosing the election. You may not like Trump, but through out these false accusation he has focused on economics, job growth and delivering what he promised for every day Americans. In stead of spending time creating a false dossier, allowing illegal immigrants to vote dem…

(that's) disguised by the sale's tax funds.

I'm all for transparency for all the issues mentioned including the trash plant and air port. Let's not mix the issues.

Sales tax was initiated to reduce property taxes for all, equally. The higher the assessment, the more reduction they see. It's fair now.

The problem that has …

Shouldn't they pay their tax bill before they ask for corporate welfare?

Kudos to Bolton and Lake George. It's great to see better than average scores and improvement! Kudos and Thank you to the Lake George Superintendent for monitoring results and taking appropriate action. Same to the BOE for finding her and letting her do her job.

I seam to remember another Constable in this town, years ago, named Fitzgerald. I remember his career ended when he shot someone in the back of the head. Hope history doesn't repeat it self.

It's not wright to charge someone if they don't need or want service. What's this country coming to?

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