That works out to $52,173 per student !
Albany Academy is less than $24,000.


Let us hope this does not turn out to be another Gulf of Tonkin incident.

It's here; it's working and providing jobs & electricity. OK. I get it.

But if Hudson Falls had an air quality monitoring station somewhere to the East of town (prevailing winds generally from western direction) and particularly checked to see what was present on days with wester…

Shameful !

Which municipality is responsible for the condition of Ridge Road just south of Route 149? It was patched last year and it's worse than ever!

Wannabe, you raise a good point about the problems our government is suffering, having been turned into a giant soap opera, incapable of addressing long-range challenges while being tied up with the latest who's in and who's out.
Our 2-party system has become carcinogenic !

Lake George has been trying to address that issue and the construction of the Courtyard Marriott Hotel is a step in that direction.

However, simple math seems to contradict one of the conclusions of the article regarding actual cost per student. $23.35 mil budget divided by 748 studen…

A fish rots from the head down!

Allens and Post-Star, if you want votes you should list the name of the project, or better yet, the URL for it.
With no name listed for it, I went through the New York State listings and after scrolling through 11 pages of them, I gave up.

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