I would like to know when someone is FORCIBLY SEXUALLY ASSAULTED, they are NOT seriously injured.What would you call it?And what was the FORCIBLY SEXUALLY ASSAULT reduced to,a peck on the cheek.This guy should have to pay for help the person he assaulted will need to deal with the attack.

level-headed commented on Two charged in gun theft case

Is there a 380 auto rifle,I know there is a 308 auto rifle,and a 380 handgun,but a 380 auto rifle,who is the manufacture?

level-headed commented on Sound off: Teacher evaluations

I think the tax payers should be able to see the results.We pay them.There are teachers that have been in the system for years, I would like to see their results.

Why is it stoning,it was unfair what was said about Tyler and people had his back.I think the Presidents letter was a side step or is that a two step.How would you feel if you worked hard everyday,did your work and more and your co worked not at all and they put the names in a hat and your c…

Good job Tyler you earned it.So if someone one wins a gold metal to many times in a row,they will pull the winner out of a hat even if they don't earn it,makes sense to me,hello.
Tyler read her your rights.

Fort Ann parent,you said your children are the ones who stand up for the children being bullied.You also said that you have never seen bulling.So it is happening,but you haven't seen it happen,right.Bulling happens all over, at any age.In other comments,people have said even the blacks use t…

level-headed commented on Runaway teen returns safely in Schroon

Glad your home Cole.

level-headed commented on Sound Off: Lake George hotel project

This is a big mistake.I hope the APA sees it the same way.Lake George needs an overhaul,but not that huge thing.What about the fire trucks can they reach 6 floors or will the trucks need to be replaced.To say there will be winter jobs,Lake George is a ghost town in the winter,how this hotel …

White T-shirt,that's it! Picture would be helpful Or color eyes,hair color,height,weight.Are the handcuffs on front or back,with a chain around his waist? More information please.

To much talk not enough action,go the school if that doesn't work,go the the police,then the county,state,US government.Stop at nothing. Go to school with your child if possible.No one should live in fear.This is an embarrassment for this or any school .Don't blame this on budget cuts.Have …

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