Lake George has crosswalks everywhere on Canada St. Pedestrians need to use them.

It’s available at hannaford...

Sounds good. We need more affordable apartments in the area.

This seems like it should be an hr thing. Fire her if you need to-but arresting her & putting her pic in the paper. She’ll prob get in more trouble than the intoxicated kindergarten teacher...

Dirty politics start young

How can they charge someone who refuses treatment? They most likely weren’t the one who called an ambulance. Comes across extremely greedy. And many times people refuse an ambulance ride to the hospital because they a. Don’t feel it’s serious enough to go or b. They don’t want a huge bill!

There’s parking, just have to take a few spins around the block sometimes.

How awful:(

Sketchy stuff going on @ Granville

Thank goodness! A tad sue happy I’d say...

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