I agree with the added security measure but......if someone wants to come in and do harm they will regardless of a policy. During my venture at that hospital I’ve seen bad accidents occur and gravely injured individuals rushed in and most people caught of guard of loved ones in a crisis, and…

kjo2009 commented on Barbara J. Benway

Rest easy Barb. You were a great person and mentor to us kids back in the day at Hannaford.

All around fantastic person!!! Bed side manners and soothing personality puts a lot of people at ease and understand why he does this art. Good for him !!! Hope he starts to sell canes I’m all in!!!

One way or another these folks pay. It’s a large complex in there and it can benefit everyone involved. I do believe they have the right to vote as much as I do as a land owner.

So the Hudson got some free fish food ? How delightful.

Yikes. I once worked with this woman. She was nice but obviously went an opposite direction, but three times- come on......

I’m not siding with anyone on this but to get rid of the Whitehall Pd is absolutely idiotic. Not only do they serve the village residents but actually assist outside of the limits. It is an extreme asset considering the desolate location. Im all for consolidating certain agencies but not this one.

I suffer a work injury that will ultimately end my life and for my family to get my pension after I’m gone is 33% a year and I lost my benefits over something I couldn’t control and this teacher ends up with this deal.....how?? Wow.

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