Repeat DWI offenders should receive some jail time.

Glens Falls has a lot of rental apartments now. Where are the people that will live at the facility living currently that need this housing? If these people are not local then there really is no need for the new apartments. I am concerned that these new apartments will be used to attract peo…

Some people choose the criminal lifestyle.

The child might need to shoot an intruder. The Democrats are against the Second Amendment and self-defense.

I hope that she gets help and stays away from drugs for her child's sake.

They also need to get rid of the dirty white wooden fence on South Street.

There should be an investigation to determine the identities of whoever helped him take off the cuffs. Also, the driver of the car that he was found in should be held responsible. People are known for the company that they keep.

Repeat DWI arrests are a real problem in Warren County. Fill up the jail and stop putting these scofflaws on probation.

Incompetence made it possible for the felon to escape police custody. Upon conviction, the judge should consider a prison sentence for this defendant because he has a history of violence.

No youthful offender status should be ever be given to 18 year olds because they are legally adults.