The school should not get involved at this time. After the cause of the crash is disclosed by the police and officer should explain to the students how to avoid this type of crash.

If convicted I hope that he gets a lengthy prison sentence. The people side could have lost their lives. It is sad that her dog died but could have been a person that was hit instead.

Repeat DWI offenders with Conditional Licenses are a danger to others. Get rid of Conditional Licenses.

Always call the police. Dont expect that a complaint to personell will stop any abuse.

Sex offenders are evil and should be confined.

I concur with Bob. How can this case be considered a non-violent felony? Obviously, extremely reckless disregard for the safety of other people should be taken more seriously by the NYS legislature. The law in regard to reckless endangerment which results in a fatality may have to be chan…

I agree with you completely. They know that they are violating the law. Repeat DWI offenders are scofflaws and need to go to jail. Probation does not work with repeat DWI offenders.

Why would anyone hire a known thief?

Send him back to New York City.

This situation is shameful. The board should insist that he not work for the highway department without their permission.

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