I agree with your comment. I am appalled at the lenient sentence that a convicted felony sex offender was given in this case. Indeed, weekends in the county jail denotes the lack of seriousness that the court regards abusing a child truly is. As for probation, same leniency as the prior s…

The couple displayed childish behavior.

I am glad to see that Rep. Stefanik is standing up for the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms.

Yes, why are legal adults now being coddled by the government and the media?

He pled guilty. The safety of local children is more important than his personal life.

If convicted I hope that he gets a lengthy prison sentence. The people side could have lost their lives. It is sad that her dog died but could have been a person that was hit instead.

Repeat DWI offenders with Conditional Licenses are a danger to others. Get rid of Conditional Licenses.

Always call the police. Dont expect that a complaint to personell will stop any abuse.

Sex offenders are evil and should be confined.

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