Key commented on Boos and bravos

Too many executive orders from Governor Cuomo.

The federal buildings needed to be protected. This has nothing to do with race. Antifa and other leftists were solely to blame for the riot.

The rioters were attempting to break into the courthouse. No one forced them into that.

Key commented on Boos and bravos

Biden is a senile older man that is having difficulty with delivering his own speeches. He is unfit for the job.

Key commented on Boos and bravos

That is a small minded comment. Vote for whoever you want but have a decent attitude about it.

Most of the doors are locked which is a fire safety hazard.

Ok Chicken Little. We are all going to die.

Why don't they arrest underage people for buying alcohol?

No one cares. People that go there are not concerned about it. Grow up.

Shame on informers.

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