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Ken Tingley is Editor of The Post-Star in Glens Falls, N.Y. and writes a regular blog called "The Front Page." He can be reached via email at

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Voter turnout in Warren County was generally around 25 percent on Tuesday.

The towns of Thurman and Hague were the only two towns with a turnout over 50 percent. Thurman saw 453 of its 799 (56.7%) registered voters go to the polls during a contentious supervisor race, while Hague saw 305 of its 590 registered voters (51.7%) turn out as Edna Frasier won another term as supervisor.

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Ken Tingley

The only Facebook post quoted in the commentary is the one from the North Country Deplorables. Rep. Stefanik's Facebook page is not quoted at all in the piece so it is a stretch to suggest there is any confusion about the source of the Facebook posts. This piece was a commentary on the th…

Ken Tingley

The editorial board allowed one hour for the meeting. A lot of ground was covered. No one has told us that the information was not accurate.

Ken Tingley

Actually, I have mentioned the offensive signs in past. I have actually reported both sides yelling at each other. You just need to check past blogs and columns. It's all there. But on Saturday, only one side was yelling that I saw.

Ken Tingley

Ken Tingley commented on BLOG: Should we worry about threats?

To be clear, six people were arrested for refusing to leave Rep. Stefanik's office until they talked with her. They did not storm the office.

Ken Tingley

Glens Falls 6 are a group in their 60s who was arrested for trespassing. There was no violence.

Ken Tingley

Actually, there have been three protests over the past week or so and the newspaper has not covered any of them. All three were publicized to the public before hand, as was this one.

Ken Tingley

While this was very clear in print with the label "Politics Week in Review" it is not clear in the online product. This was the political notebook for the week that wraps up a variety of smaller news items into one item. Going forward, we will make sure that this is labeled prominently "P…

Ken Tingley

Apparently Ouch77 is NOT on a mission to civilize.

Ken Tingley

The Associated Press employs some 10,000 journalists around the world. It is a nonproft cooperative. We pay a lot of money to receive its content and I have never had a reason to bellieve it is anything but accurate. We depend on the AP for our national news and coverage of the Trump admi…

Ken Tingley

Even Mr. Vanscoy does not deny that he was yelling at the reporter. If he was not, then why did he apologize?

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