Too bad the country's aging rail lines can't be upgraded to high speed rail like many other countries have done so that we aren't so dependant on driving hours on end to get anywhere.

You make a valid point W Tucker. I believe it needs to be an attaction. Something for people to go do. Whether it is a big store like a Bass Pro Shops, or something like an Aquarium? A nice year-round attraction. As for a convention center... If that is going to be done, it has to be done ri…

How about replacing the lights at Quaker & Dix that are so old and dim you can never tell when it changes to green?

You are right on. Digital signs are fine with a few regulations to keep them from being used obnoxiously. As long as they aren't flashing like crazy I don't have a problem with it. Welcome to 2019 everyone.

Always a horrible intersection to drive through. Mostly because the traffic lights are so old you can't see them anymore. Really wish they would put new ones in... or it's a big area, let's just have a traffic circle.

If they hadn't kicked Engelmann off the project to begin with, it would already be working.

Just another day at the Thurman Circus. How is the town even still running?

Yay more Red Lights *sarcasm*. First off the trolly should not stop right next to the intersection as that is the most dangerous thing I've seen there. Second, it should be no left turn off of Round Pond. Or maybe instead of a light, put a traffic circle so that traffic can keep flowing inst…

Does anyone really believe that ADDING traffic lights will fix any traffic problems? It's just going to back up traffic even more.

Competition is a good thing in any type of business. It is not up to the planning board to protect local businesses from new incoming competition.