Good! There are way too many DWI arrests lately. Now he can sit in prison and think about it for a while.

You are so right Bob. It says a lot when she has to recruit "supporters" to attend her event.

JSLG commented on Don Coyote says...

Imagine the amount of money they could put back into our country if they didn't waste so much of it on running attack ads.

And all this time I thought it was normal to hit every light red. About time they fix things.

How about he fills up his empty outlet building next door before continuing to build outlets that just sit empty? I can't believe we have an unfinished outlet mall sitting there for years and noone bats an eye?

Insane. What a frivolous lawsuit. Tying up the court system with such frivolous lawsuits should be illegal. I hope this case gets thrown out quickly.

Gotta love good-ole Capitalism... Profit off sick people because what choice do they have?

As long as we keep supplying sick people, they will keep demanding outrageous prices.

Who is impeeding your rights? It won't cost anything to get a permit. The city just wants a heads-up of what is going on.

I agree... the problem is they need to be separated. 1 demonstration on each side of the street at the absolute closest.

It's crazy. In today's health consious society, how have we not put an end to smoking completely? For the people that argue vaping helps smokers quit... don't smoke to begin with and you won't have a problem.

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