Glad to hear that everyone posting on here so far is a NYS trooper and has the knowledge and training as far as what “should have” been done. Unfortunate series of events but don’t pretend to know what you would have done, the circumstances seem to have been out of control. My heart goes …

Sometimes you have to pick humanity. Please be human Mr. Schemerhorn and let these folks off the hook.

If 6 people came into the school

I work at yelling, screaming and carrying on, we would call the police also. That is not ok. And because of the way they looked, some poor secretary should not have felt threatened? Sorry, doesn’t fly nowadays.. wouldn’t be welcome in my h…

The crosswalks in the village are clearly marked yet folks still don’t stop. I kiss the heavens above when I’m standing on the sidewalk waiting for traffic to stop.. hopefully everyone is ok and thanks to the driver who did stop!

Vaccinate your children.. you never think it will happen , but then this. I wonder if this family will now vaccinate?

I hope the child is doing ok.

No trust, no faith= heading to Saratoga hospital. Unfortunate, but management is way out of hand. This is the final straw for a lot of folks. Folks with health insurance being sued for questionable bills? Shame on them.

jrm commented on Moreau assessor retiring

Peggy has always been wonderful to my aging mother. Always staying on top of what was best to save her money. After my father passed, she was wonderful about explaining tax information ( that my father always took care of.) wishing her many happy, healthy years of retirement! Thank you Pe…

Are we going to be ticketing Jay walkers as well ?? I understand he whole cross walk think, but it should be a two way street (( @@

She is fiercely loyal, strong and able. Would want her on my side anytime. Good luck to her!

Nothing but professional for the many years we’ve been seeing dr. sawyer. This was complete hogwash right from the get go! Unfortunately , after his reputation is dragged through the mud, family stress, and thousands of dollars in lawyers fees, he’s vindicated. What’s the punishment for t…

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