Right, because having homeless people set fires in a condemned building really "sticks it to the man".

Keep your shack, let Hoffman take his money somewhere else.

"Barely illegal"? What if either of them had killed someone? If drinking is "part of the job", taking a cab should also be. It's a $5 cab ride, no excuses.

You mean like spelling and basic grammar?

JoeMama commented on Most local teachers rated well

I'm sure the parents in Hartford and Fort Ann are very happy right about now...

Want to see what a nice job she does with construction? Look at her building in downtown GF. Not the first floor...the *rest* of it....

Here's an idea: get an apartment and no one will touch your stuff.

I'd rather look at a tasteful nude than most of the fully clothed people who gather outside of the library.

I want GF to do something amazing with this space. For the right investor, this is a gem. Downtown needs to be returned to the successful youth and not the crotchety old blowhards who complain about everything, but don't take any positive action.

Let's talk about the budget shortfall again. No really.

JoeMama commented on Parents saying no to state tests

Take every bit of that "movie" with a grain of salt. Who funds the film? Who benefits from the propaganda? Critical thinking is just what the Common Core teaches.