And how will we pay for this?

In reading the local news, it seems like we are fast becoming a police state nation.

I think those who lose frivolous lawsuits should pay all court and lawyer fees.

They have something better to do.

I live in Cambridge, and these are nice, upstanding folks. They don’t have kids in the school system, mostly walk where they are going, and are not out knocking on doors. They walk up and down Main St. in the early morning occasionally, and pick up trash. They pay their taxes even though the…

I find her totally offensive and crude.

Isn’t this ridiculous? Put it back together and rebid it? What a waste of money demanded by people who don’t understand machinery. ( the State)
By the way, when has anyone had work done on their home and had the price bid be the final price? Usually something adds to the cost.

No surprise.

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