If they are paving roads, they really ought to pave RT. 22A between Hampton and Middle Granville, which is a real rough cow path.

She will vote how Ryan and Trump want her to vote, as she is in perfect goose step with the Trump regime and could care less about the citizens in favor of the "for big profit" insurance companies. Wake up America and vote these elitist out of office next chance. It's your lives, s…

Ahh, high school sports. Same in every school it seems. If you're in the "click" you are just fine. If not, you're fighting a losing battle, no matter the circumstances

First of all, I thank Eddie for his service to country. I just want to tell him there is hope. There's the story of Josh Speidel, a standout basketball all=star recruited to play basketball for the U. of Vermont. His senior year driving home from practice his car was t-boned right on the dri…

She's a member of the GOP and like the rest of the GOP she will protect big business and ignore air and water quality for the rest of us. They promise the voter the moon to get elected and the voter gets squat in return. THE GREAT AMERICAN WAY FOLKS!

jimwms commented on Frederick M. Hammond

I worked with Fred for some years. Great guy and a greater person. God rest his soul and comfort his family.

jimwms commented on Leo Patrick Pauquette

To Leo's Family,
Sorry to here of Leo's passing. Came to know Leo through his love of horse racing, especially the Saratoga season. A kind and gentle soul who I will miss seeing around.
I'll see you in the Winners Circle my friend!

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