Whats disheartened is how you used a minor for your own benefits. You sir are no different then the republicans or the parents. Total shame on you as well!!

Integrity commented on BLOG: The story behind the story

Who brags about hard work endangering a minor, SICK!!He's a minor and may not have not known they were going to put the video out there. These were adults for all you know he was pressured then not told what exactly was going to be done with the material. You and your editor should be ashame…

His dirty tricks acceptable? Are you illiterate?They recruited him. Proud, verbally abusing minor?

They all lie Democrats and Republicans!! Tedra lied!!

You are arrogant to assume this kid has recordings of friends and family. How do you know he offered?? It's possible know it all,he was just told to record the event and hand it over,not knowing it was going to be done with it.

Post Star reporter better start getting down on his knees and pray, hoping nothing happens with this kid. It sounds as though the reporter doesn't have all the facts. How doe's the reporter know if this kid wasn't set up by the republican campaign,isn't it possible he didnt know this tape wa…

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