[beam]My late granpa used to plant four rows of Cow corn along the hiway to buffer his Sweet Corn rows behind from late nite thieves...It was always funny to see some of it missing the next morning knowing some bozo cooked up some grain! Thanks everybody!

[innocent][innocent]Your right I will go with the peace least in Warren/Washington County...Thanks everyone!!

[wink]Minority Dems in a sea of Republican Country, It does not matter what they support cuz the Republicans always get their way..I should know, I'm a Republican...And was told many years ago when I came here to start my business betcha...Register Republican...or just forget those…

I see it too...the Western Town was unpredictable also with its uncertain openings.

[sad]Just another reason to cancel this many have died over the years...these curvy and hilly roads are poorly suited for motorcycles...They should be riding in The Dakotas, with the unclogged roads and straight lines..

[ohmy]I doubt it made back the investment...looks like a money loser all around with the long drive to the top....maybe a roundhouse kick will work...

[thumbdown]Lets face it, its a stupid tax that punishes the very folks that visit here...wouldn't 1 million spent on smooth roads impress tourists more than some printed pamphlets fading away in a Thruway rest stop? ..Also we seem to distribute these funds poorly..we put it in the hands o…

[thumbdown]Again ...Stewart's corp is a bad neighbor...they are essentially a mini Wal Mart...were ever they land...other stores close....Even if they don't get what they want here they will just turn it over to Stewarts land development. Thanks everyone..

You should still comment on this and things in the future...You help promote healthy discussion about serious issues, and Thank You for keeping us safe for those past years and currently!

Wasn't the county supposed to match some of the funds for this project? You make some salient points however we still have a very nice airport! You surely know because it sounds like you work there...the lawns look very good, Thank you everyone..

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