This is great news. It is very good to read news such as this for a change. Kudos' to the Post Star and especially to the Washington County Sheriffs' Department and all members who made this possible. Hats off to you - you folks are without a doubt, a class act. Thank you.

My money says HCA, Tenant or another private organization will buy GFH out. It's become rather clear, if the Post Star reports are accurate, that the current leadership of GFH is ineffective and rolling a set of very high stakes dice.

Should Judge Crowell be held personally accountable? My understanding is she allowed him to remain 'free' despite his parole violations.

Again, this bill is very bad for NYS dairy farmers. This may be more applicable to some of our western states (i.e CA) where the growing season is longer and to some extent, the weather more predictable. Dairy farming is a totally different situation than strawberry fields. Someone needs …

Read the article -
"Ideal Dairy employees are paid between $40,000 and $65,000 plus housing, utilities and cable"

I would hardly consider $40K-$65K as a poverty wage in WashCo. In addition, the workers receive housing & utilities. Again I ask, who is pushing it?

This is not right for New York State dairy farms. What I don't understand is who is pushing it and why. Does anyone know?

Though not local, great coverage. Let's see more of this type of article.
Thanks for your service Gentlemen

Lol - you nailed it. Big, tall, leafy shade trees - :)

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