Thank you for sharing this story (hopefully with her permission). Thank you for letting these stories be heard. The truth is out there and far more disturbing than people want to accept. I will never, ever understand why people want to hurt children, physically or otherwise, but it is rampan…

Sad. This is a great place. I hope they can work it out.

Put yourself in those shoes and then you can judge.

This is what democracy looks like and it's grand.

Unfortunately it's an absolute eyesore and does nothing to maintain the natural beauty of this area. Who allows these things?

Thank you Professor Ahern for continuing to advocate for the health of so many affected by Lyme and its associated diseases and to right the wrong information that is being put out there. As a Lyme sufferer since 2010, I've earned a strong voice here . I don't need studies or government agen…

[quote]sadday33 said: "@eastwest,You just settled the whole dispute. The first shot mortally wounded the animal and it was suffering the second put it out of its misery. The shooting was justified by means of an unprovoked attack on private property in which the animal did not belong. N…

This should apply here I would imagine - as one shot clearly stopped the animal, the second shot had intent to kill. However, interpretation will come into play

LAWS OF NEW YORK, 1999 CHAPTER 118---Buster's Law
was an act to amend the agriculture and markets law, in relation to ag…

Where are the charges here?

I'm sorry Boo, that you fell victim to another angry, controlling human who used his bad judgment and lack of civility and killed you instead of managing the situation between you and your fellow pits and helping you find your way back home safely.

Is this what it has come to? Shootin…

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