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To All,

Yesterday the actions of the "good old boys" at the county board meeting reached a new low and represented 1 of the darkest days I have ever observed and been witness too. NEVER posting the last minute resolution kicking Whitehead off the WWIDA. and clearly attempting to sne…

To All,

This decision by Chairman Thomas to kick Mr. Whitehead OFF this NON paying board embarrassed not only his leadership ability but those board members who voted to agree. I believe since this resolution WAS NEVER POSTED before hand (so few had a clue what the "good old boys" w…

Douglas Be commented on James F. Dingman

Jimmy was a kind soul. So sad to see he has passed.

Doug Beaty


Since you are new (less than 1 year) you may lack the insight as to the depth of the good old boy system. I fully understand that. But If you feel a supervisor from a town of 2,000 who garners less than 780 votes in the last 2 elections compared to a supervisor who has receive…

To All,

I congratulate Mr. Simpson. BUT the back room dealing and "good old boy" system is alive and well. Allowing single public officials to vote 6,7, or 8 times (carrying proxies) is rather disgusting to me. This isn't the first time a select few committee members feel they speak…

To all,

The only thing Cuomo left out is his main message.

Bankrupt NYS and hasten the mass fleeing of out neighbors.

Case closed


Doug Beaty


Sadly you may be spot on....with NYS leading the country in taxes, residents moving out , most regulations, worst business climate to own or start up a business, and 3rd highest cost of living this makes no sense at this time. Reduce taxes, cuts out dated programs, roll back…


Let's never let the truth get in the way of a good story....too funny....none of what you posted is accurate but hey it was good for a me if you want a cup of coffee learn the facts and the data....but thanks for the good laugh...made my day...



Your comment is spot on with BOB1234. I too agree with Bob and would like him to enter the public arena by running for any office. Sadly he sits alone in the dark behind a screen with a false identity and lambasts most people who try to get involved or offer up solutions.

To Editorial Board,

Excellent piece. The sad reality is hitting NYS residents like a brick to the head...

Here is some additional data to absorb.

#1. NYS is the highest taxed state in the country. (fees included)

#2. NYS was rated the WORST state to own or start up…

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