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So we have a Cuomo budget much of the same....let's review what 2018 brought NYS residents.

#1 Highest taxed state in country.

#2 MOST residents MOVING OUT of their state

#3. Rated worst state to own or start up a new business

#4 Had the most regul…

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So let us recap this budget.

1. 3 BILLION more in spending

2. Cut backs to towns by 60 million.

3. Serious concerns and complaints from the leaders of the Adirondack Regional chamber of commerce, the heard of the EDC, the superintendent of QBY schools, as well a…

Bobby old Bobby, (if that is really your name lol)

A democratic mayor, comments from leaders from a number of different economic agencies and you pretend to say there is not enough balance...…..thanks for the laughs, please keep them coming.....

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Bobby ,…

And in other news Bobby finds the strength to sign his full name to his posts....we can all dream

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Ain't that the truth.

Doug Beaty

Here is the list of "critics" that you refer to.

1. Democratic mayor of Glens Falls

2. President of the Adirondack chamber of Commerce

3. President of the E.D.C.

4. QBY school district superintendent

Well I will say Cuomo has proceeded …

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Even the towns and small cities run by democrats as well as republicans are disappointed in the lack of support. In fact the $$$$ goes backwards to these towns. Thrown in the president of the Adirondack chamber of Commerce restating how NYS has the highest tax rates hurting a…

Correct...and I have always supported the airport. Just not wasting 10 million tax payers dollars extending a runway 1,000 feet. ZERO need. Case closed and my prediction is the EDC and the FAA will stop the boondoggle.

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Are you gaining t…

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Seems Mr. Strough missed the mark on a number of issues.

1. The debacle of the runway extension and the wasteful millions of tax payer dollars has been slowed down and will come to a stop. Many do not see the DEC, nor the FAA approving this wasteful project. The fact is …

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My mistake Cuomo has a mere 51% . I was off by 2%..

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