I would love to attend, except, I'm working my one day per week part time job, Friday, bummer! I would like to know if there are any future dates. I would really like to connect with former coworkers! Doug Brown

doug900 commented on David G. Starkweather

Very sad. I remember working with David, at Finch Pruyn. He was a very nice guy, and quite intelligent. He gave me an old Sansui receiver, that he was tired of trying to fix. I rebuilt it, and it is still going strong, to this day. Now, I have something to remember him by. Rest in peac…

I totally agree, with a need for a roundabout. That would ease traffic snarls, and greatly reduce accidents. They work, very well! The worst spot, is waiting on Quaker, to turn left, onto Dix, heading towards McDonalds, and Stewarts, during the busy time of day.

Honestly, I have a problem, paying $6, for a half loaf of bread. Hard to believe that this business couldn't survive this location, unless they're overpaying their help, or themselves. Volume, out the door is important. Lower prices, might move more, and fix the financial downfall!

I always thought 18 was the legal age for disclosure, or, at least it should be. Before you know it, it will be 30, or some ridiculous age! I wonder if these were the losers, ransacking Clay hill properties, in the recent past.

I think every state should adopt that law! Many lives are ruined, when everybody knows that you are the winner! People don't think of these things. They think..Ah, set for life! then the phone rings off the hook! Everybody wants a piece of what they probably don't deserve. And, you won…

doug900 commented on John A. Toole

John's passing is so sad to hear. I remember him well. Great guy! He will be missed. D Brown

doug900 commented on Brian G. Kristel

Mr. Kristel, as I have always known him, was a fantastic teacher! Super nice man. He ranks with Walt Robinson, another former teacher that I miss dearly! God bless you, Mr. Kristel. Rest in peace, my friend.[sad]