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QUEENSBURY — Arrest warrants have been issued for a Queensbury couple who have failed to show up for court twice in recent weeks after being a…

A makeshift barricade at a side entrance to the former Green Mountain College.

A rope blocks one of the main entrances at the front of the former Green Mountain College on Thursday. Ropes and barricades block most, if not…

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Don Lehman

That doesn't make sense. LG was not given the option to forfeit any games, LaSalle's punishment was simply to forfeit the games in question, not lose their whole season.

In my eyes, it doesn't matter when it was discovered or reported, anyway. It is a very minor error that did …

Don Lehman

We have had many articles about the high school project, and I was writing about the parking lot, not the buildings.

Don Lehman

Don Lehman commented on Blog: The overuse of Moreau Lake

No it wasn't. It has been low for years, during rainy years and dry years. Their theories from the article a couple of years ago don't appear accurate from what I have seen.

Don Lehman

Hello Cierra. Jeff Mead tells me that Heritage Hall was reserved for an event Saturday night.

Don Lehman

Don Lehman commented on Blog: Happy Good Friday

Mike Goot and I wondered how long it would take you to comment on this one, Bob. You didn't let us down!

Don Lehman

A reporter's job doesn't include reporting what they witness? We report observations about the behavior of people all the time, especially during serious cases in court.

Don Lehman

Don Lehman commented on Hunter/hiker conflicts

I am the same way, I will only fish or hunt in areas where I am fairly sure I will not run into others. As to hiking, it's not as easy to find trails where there is solitude these days.

Don Lehman

Don Lehman commented on Wal-Mart child "abduction"

Who is saying the store wasn't forthcoming?

Don Lehman

The assessor case is done in court, with a disposition that seemed far more favorable than that which the jailed DWI defendant got. The boat case is not even closeto closed. Apples and oranges.

Don Lehman

Charges are still pending against all of the boat crash defendants, so I'm not sure how you can pass judgement on what can or will happen with this case. We've seen people rich and poor run from the police over the years, that doesn't seem to be an act of privilege.

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