They can afford to by not paying the college loans. No wonder they support Bernie.

Wow! Protests to support the right to deprive innocent others of life after scientific proof of life. Science is settled on that proof of life.

Yes Mayor it is Trumps fault. When new hotels and hotel additions were proposed you denied that there were issues at the treatment plant and supported those projects.

Travis is correct. Big government Bob 1,2 whatever is wrong again.

Maybe Trump should drop a pallet full of a billion in US cash because that worked so well with Iran.

Lowest unemployment in 50 years. Thanks Obama. Guys like Kevin and nobel prize winners said the Trump election by itself would destroy the world economy. Thanks to the economic foundation created by Obama that didn't happen.

Buy American

Wow Kevin, that is a thoughtful response to the China problem.

A little pain now in the booming economy (that Obama set up and Trump is taking credit for) is better now than waiting to be backed into a corner. Previous administrations acknowledged China's unfair trade practices, patent theft etc. but took no action. This administration is finally addr…

Try a go fund me page and some fundraisers.

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