There is no such thing as illegal imigrants or persons. There are migrants who should be able to migrate to wherever they wish. Borders are immoral.

NPR most impartial news outlet! Have you listened to WAMC rountable? All anti Trump and progressive propaganda. The national predident of NPR wrote a memo ordering no more live interviews of conservatives so they can be edited prior to being aired.

After watching the Shiff hearings and that debate it looks like 4 more years of Bobby 12s favorite president. How to go Elise!

The "interagency" now oversees the President!

Impeach Rudy.

There should be a borderless world progressive socialist government with Obama as Supreme Leader.

That's right power corrupts. That is why it should not be given to nonelected beaurocrats and all elected positions should be term limited.

dedpjd commented on Don Coyote Says ...

New Hampshire has had it less than a year. It has caused so many problems with repetitive crimes and chasing down court appearance skippers that the legislature is set to pass legislation to reverse it.

Elise would be commended if she followed the progressive group think though.

This public debacle is proving the existance of the beaurocratic deep state that resents the president not following their directions and the hatred of conservative thought by dems and the overwhelmingly progressive media.

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