They talk about their "duty" to support the constitution yet, will not secure our country from criminals and give benefits to those that should wait before coming in. Legal versus illegal makes me wonder why they think they are doing the right thing when they support ignoring the law.

Many countries work hard to keep a disease such as Ebola contained. However; secure borders is best for all. Time for the USA to secure our border. We do not need a serious medical crisis here.

Biden is a bad joke without a good punch line. He should retire already.

Because the economy is better and the Russia Hoax has been exposed, they are grasping at nothing. The more they show how silly they are, the more votes they will lose.

I am not sure what part of "illegal" has some confused. Without legal permission to be in the country, they have no way to legally get a license. Legal citizens must provide a lot of documents that illegal folks do not have or should get.

For the Anti-Trump folks, this is red meat - red beans to non-meat eaters. This action will only push folks on the fence into the Trump voting line. Maybe if they did something to help secure America or keep job growth going. No, they want another pay raise instead and keep talking fake s…

Based on this article, there seems to be a systemic issue in Glens Falls. Maybe eliminate the non-profit status and fire those that caused the money issues as they seem to be in over their ability. Hire qualified folks to run things. I am sure there are some great medical professionals th…

Drinking age is not 18 so several are involved. The crime should be a felony with minimum jail time. Not releasing the name does not make sense. The supplier should face charges too.

Agree - no slack for criminals.

Please chase your tail on this issue. This will help Trump win a second term and Mike Pence will be ready in 2024.

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