Cop like attitude

I am guessing that no one got a Traffic Ticket issued to them because they honked their Car's Horn other than what it is intended for? Let alone the Siren's that were sonded as well. I mean the law is the law right? :)

It appears he likes even numbers. Every parcel bought has an even number. Wow!!

Does this Community Hospital have a Legal Right too collect this information at all? Is this information obtained going to be linked to something else down the road? Why is one's address being typed in as well besides your name? This article says it all!!

What the hospital is not telling you is that they are retaining all of the information from the Identification you present to the Security Officer. Not only is your name typed out to be put on the Visitor's Badge, your address is being logged into their system too. When asked of the Securi…

Typing over last sentence of my first post. You know just like they do when you visit an Inmate (Patient) at the County Jail or a State Prison? How come you are not having everyone going through Metal Detectors and the like? Is that next? Maybe you might think that will not be practic…

This is just a process. If anything, it puts a conscious thought in an individuals mind. It does not improve anything. Needless to say it slows things down. What about the Fundamental Right to Privacy of the individual (s) who are coming into this "Community Hospital" who shoul…

If this was anyone else they would have been cited for: New York State Law
Vehicle and Traffic Law New York's VTL code 210. Unattended motor vehicle. (a) No person driving or in charge
of a motor vehicle shall permit it to stand unattended without first
stopping the…

I think this is just wonderful!! Maybe a business will open up around here for those who want to view this can do so. I am sure this place will produce some excellent and talented Pole Dancers. There use to be a few Strip Bars years ago. Why not have a Pole Bar?

The Aviation Mall does not have ANY Security Camera's inside or outside of it's property. Good luck with that one!!

I think there would be more exposure to reach out to more individuals if the Condoms were placed on the Counter Tops near the Reference Desks at Crandall Public Library.

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