Dr. Lynn S. Kahn is also on the ballot for NY-21. She has been enumerating changes she would like to see for farming this week and she also would comment on changes for education if asked.

If people complaining about the weekly paper are exhibiting the height of hypocrisy, is the editorial review board exhibiting the width of hypocrisy by complaining about single use bags on the day when the weekly paper is being delivered out in single use bags?

Ah the changes impact 2017 taxes collected in 2018 so most will be taking the standard deduction and not itemizing even in just a couple months.

People are looking at this the wrong way. It is not about going up against the cap so much as it is having more to deduct in 2017. By 2018 it is estimated that 94% of people will be taking the new expanded standard deduction. That being the case, it makes a lot of sense to pay more taxes now…

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The snowmobile club has been able to access the Butler Pond trails since at least 2006. This seems like an incredibly easy thing to do to open these trails up to residents. Mayor Diamond has indicated that the teens from Queensbury like to party in the woods but what better way to flush them…

I am having trouble following this, Michael can you follow this up with the chief?

“If we have our retention numbers go up, then we will spend less in overtime”

Lydon said he has had conversations with the Police Benevolent Association and he believes changing the schedule would …

Thank you for the article Michael. I just wanted to make a slight correction. What I was trying to communicate was that I have an electric vehicle, not that the city should purchase one (but if the city were to purchase one that would be great). I know at the last sustainable task force m…

Does Saratoga County contribute? The Wilton campus is in Saratoga County so it seems like a valid question.

And Rob Smith for family court judge is also on the green line on the ballot

Our congressional representative worked recently to get this program, which had been suspended, going again. http://www.watertowndailytimes.com/news03/doj-resumes-asset-forfeiture-program-20160329