The DEC also cited the fact that a bridge had been in use at the same location until the late 1970s, when it collapsed due to ice damage. Historically, that bridge was on private property — the state bought the land in 2013

NO THURMAN and a great story from FORT ANN ....Something freeze over last night ??

Good thing it is LaBatt USA . If it was the good Canadian stuff the tariff would put the cost out of sight...Be interested to see if Canadian tourist rush to drink Labatt Lake George or even come to Lake George in the usually numbers !!

Thank goodness for Thurman for sure ... what else would be left with no Fort Ann Motor Cross stories recently !!!

Make sure to keep us updated ... maybe 2 weeks after they stock to keep the truck chasers away !!!

Time to give this guy a break : Next thing you know they will make him wait until there are leaves on the trees to mitigate noise .. then they will argue about what constitutes "leaves" on a tree!!!!!
Then in the fall make him close when leaves are off the tree and then define …

Ask students /faculty to imagine an active shooter or armed person on campus .Then count to 3000 or longer while you wait for Sheriff or NYSP to arrive,Go ahead : everyone count to 3000 now and see if you want to wait that long for armed help to arrive. Much less go back to lockers to ge…

How can this conform to Lake George open container law ??

Good thing this is not in Fort Ann or they would be doing noise testing of these thrill seekers having fun !!
Or Moreau : All these people have "fake fun "

TAG :Thurman you're it !!!! Fort Ann on Deck

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