This happens all the time all across the country. You need to keep in mind, any time you write a check and give it somebody or pay a bill by check, that person/company now has your account number. the same goes for businesses/municipalities paying their bills by check.

I was in warrensburg and heard a couple folks talking about this. One guy, who is a business owner in town said if a group can get together and buy the building and maintain it, then go for it. If folks just want to complain and not step up, then let the property be sold and used for what…

not every intersection........but there already is one at this intersection.

they can go to Cumberland Farms.

I am not against this.

Now the coalition can report even more of a profit!!!! Without the money from Warren county, they would still be losing money each year. The money is helping to fund operations, that's it.

This has been closed for a few months, this isn’t new.

•"More competition for meaningful playing time on school athletic teams" - This should have no bearing on any potential merger. The residents in FE need to wake up and accept a merger with HF or SGF. Might as well start the process now before NYS comes in and mandates the merger. they nee…

I remember when he said he didnt know who UBS was even though there was an office in Glens Falls (it still might be there, not sure). I was flabbergasted that he actually said that out loud.

Gave it all away to the civic center? $9,000 (with $5k earmarked for the rodeo), isn't giving it all to them. that money isn't going to get them too far.

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