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CORINTH — A mother of nine and one of her daughters died in a house fire Nov. 20, but three others, including two young children, were able to…

QUEENSBURY — Public safety officers at SUNY Adirondack will be wearing body cameras and body armor and will be armed with Tasers in January. A…

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Bill Toscano

Separation of the "sexes" *is* gender discrimination. "You cannot sit here, you are a boy." That's what it is.

Additionally. it does not appear to be school policy.

We agree on the respect for adults, issues or not.

Bill Toscano

Bill Toscano commented on Too much nastiness on the internet

I have difficulty agreeing that it's limiting "freedom of speech," because the ability to post to internet boards is not what is guaranteed in the Constitution.

I would also point out that other papers, as well as NPR have stopped taking comments.

I am not sure I agree …

Bill Toscano

Bill Toscano commented on All in a day's work

I have to agree Rhonda. The behind-the-scenes stuff is always exciting. I have been on a nuclear submarine, a Coast Guard buoy tender and a tall ship.

Oh, and inside a canal lock.

Yes, this job can be fun.

Bill Toscano

Had they been in school, he would not have had to "hunt them down."

The school is responsible for them, and they were violating school rules.